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If you want to help us you can do a local fundraiser for Haiti Initiative in your local church or community.  I will be glad to make an appearance to that event. All funds go to further the initiative in ...


Join us on one of our trips to Haiti.  We go approximately twice a year for a specific purpose or mission.  Contact me for upcoming trips and dates.

Our Purpose

Haiti Initiative was begun in 2010 by Dan Corbisello, for the sole purpose of blessing and helping the children and families of Haiti. My home Church, Christian Life Center, in Bensalem, Pa. and The Gathering in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and many other private donors have been instrumental in supporting “Haiti Initiative”.  Through their generous giving of finances and committed volunteers traveling to Haiti with me on a regular basis we have made a difference “one life at a time”!.

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Current Project

This family of 7, father, 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren have been living in a tent since the earthquake of 2010 completely destroyed their home. 

Haiti Initiative has begun construction on this 4 room home for this homeless family to live in.  As we raise the funds, we can lay the block, pour the floors and put on a roof.