Haiti Process

The Haiti Process

– Make sure you have an up to date passport
– Obtain any shots or pills you need to take with you
– Book your Flight (after I give you the itinerary).
– Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray
– Attend all of the meetings

If you are raising support we can give you a letter you can send out to friends

Contact me at:  215.327.1750  OR dcorbisello@gmail.com


Items you may want to take to Haiti

Bug Spray

After bite (great stuff)


Your own WATER BOTTLE, you will need it all week to refill.

Hand Sanitizer

Flavoring for water

Multiple tooth brushes

Suggested that Women wear Skirts during the day, no shorts. It’s an issue of modesty for the Haitian people.

Outfit for evening during Team activities and games

Swim suit

Water shoes

Snacks (crackers; power bars; dry cereal; raisins & nuts; lollypops; dry nuts and fruit; or whatever you like)

Fanny Pac



Wet wipes

Small paper/plastic cups

Mouth wash


First aid stuff such as Band-Aids; Neosporin;

Things for indigestion, ex. Tums

Bring around $100, in 1’s and 5’s.

Go to Health food store and get Essential oils Eucalyptus and Lemon. Use as follows. 1 week before leaving use Eucalyptus every morning and every evening. Put a dab behind each ear, behind each elbow, on each knee and on the bottom of both feet. Use the Lemon by putting 1 drop in each glass of water you drink during the day. We want to get this in our system because mosquitoes hate it. If the Lemon does not agree with you then don’t take it. Just use the Eucalyptus