Get Involved

How to Get Involved

– Be part of a construction/work team, ministry team, medical team or teaching team (contact me for upcoming dates)

– Make a donation in memory of a loved one’s passing; a birthday; anniversary: or any other special occasion and we will contact that person’s family and will inform them of your donation.

– Repair a damaged home for approximately $2500-$5000 (contact me for pending projects)

– Build a home for a family of 4+ people for approximately $7000-$10,000 (contact me for pending projects)

– Sponsor a Doctor or Dentist for $550 per month

– Sponsor tuition and school supplies for one child for $30 per month

– Sponsor a school uniform for one child $52.

– Sponsor a teacher’s salary, (average salary (rural) $52 per month

– Send a box or pallet of food to the Haitian children , shipping cost $155

– Fill a pallet or box of food, $310

– Fill  & ship a pallet or box of food and supplies $465


– Through our Web site:

– Mail a donation to:   Haiti Initiative, P.O. Box 2413, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689

– Donate through PayPal:

– Check or Cash in person (all donations are tax deductible)